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Inner Mongolia offers culture and paradise-like grasslands

( Updated: 2014-10-21 17:45

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region made a series of decisions and policies to accelerate and support the development of the cultural industry. In particular, the “8337” development strategy proposed will build Inner Mongolia into "a tourism and leisure resort that represents grassland culture and has unique features of the North China border.”

Colorful festivals are in full blossom throughout the region

Inner Mongolia is a major cradle and a carrier of prairie civilization in China, boasting extensive and profound grassland culture treasures. In recent years, cultural festivals are blooming throughout the region to spread the rich grassland culture.

On June 28 of this year, the 11th China Inner Mongolia Grassland Culture Festival saw its grand opening. A total of 11 wonderful cultural events took place during the festival, including exhibition of excellent dramas, a grassland culture forum, a national film panorama, a mini concert for original songs with inspiration from grassland, an exhibition of calligraphy works, an art treasures exhibition and a poetry reading. The events further expanded the influence of grassland culture.

For the past few years, the autonomous region as well as its municipalities and counties have all established a variety of influential festivals. These festivities present the charming culture of Inner Mongolia with different themes and contents from their own perspectives.

For instance, the Baotou Lucheng Cultural Festival, Bayannur Hetao Cultural Festival, Chifeng Hongshan Cultural Festival and Xilin Gol League Naadam Festival have all taken on important roles in promoting Inner Mongolia culture.

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