High price arts collector Liu Yiqian's purchases

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2. Doucai Chenghua "chicken cup" (Ming Dynasty)

HK$281.24 million ($36 million)

April 8, 2014

Sotheby's 2014 Spring Auction

High price arts collector Liu Yiqian's purchases

Chenghua chicken cup at auction [Photo provided to China Daily]

The 8.2-centimeter-wide cup bears the image of a rooster and hen tending to their chicks. An estimated 600 years old, the cup is an example of the peak of ceramic art during the reign of Chenghua (1465-1487).

The cup, which is in pristine condition, was made using the doucai method of fashioning porcelain that began during the Ming Dynasty, and was used for appreciation, not for display. It is commonly known as a "chicken cup" because it is decorated with paintings of chickens.

The cup celebrates the pinnacle of the Chenghua style of porcelain-making from 1465 to 1487 that is renowned for refining the doucai method. Well-preserved examples from that period are rare.

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