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Upgrading strategic partnerships a boost for diplomatic ties

[2016-01-06 15:01]

China's hectic diplomatic year 2015 saw President Xi Jinping spend 42 days conducting eight trips abroad. It also witnessed an ever-increasing recognition of the country's enhanced global role and a boost in diplomatic ties with major world powers including the United Kingdom and United States, and neighboring countries like Pakistan and Indonesia.

Xi's focus on foreign trips: Belt and Road Initiative

[2016-01-06 07:09]

One key task in China's diplomatic efforts in 2015 is to comprehensively promote the Belt and Road Initiative strategy.

Peace and development dominant themes of Xi's diplomacy

[2016-01-05 18:02]

China's diplomacy followed the main thread of serving the nation's peaceful development, and remained committed to promoting world peace and development.

Biggest deals signed and sealed during President Xi's overseas visits

[2015-12-30 17:40]

Economic and trade cooperation is one of the main themes of President Xi Jinping's overseas visits. During his trips in 2015, China signed deals worth more than $100 billion, focusing on several areas, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, aviation, technology, tourism and education.

Life-changing benefits from President Xi's 2015 visits

[2015-12-30 09:21]

President Xi spent 42 days on eight overseas visits in 2015. His visits not only brought big trade deals, but also life-changing benefits to people's daily life.

Hectic year of trips brought acclaim and growing influence to country

[2015-12-29 07:30]

President Xi Jinping spent 42 days conducting eight trips abroad this year, as China's enhanced global role gets ever-increasing recognition.

Xi urges youth federations to stay loyal

[2015-07-25 07:19]

Chinese youth should bear the responsibility for the country's future, the nation's fate and people's welfare, says President Xi Jinping.

Faraway letter from Australia catches first lady's eye

[2015-05-22 07:14]

In the digital age, letter writing may not be as common as it once was, but its ability to enrich lives and launch adventures was on display on Thursday when Tasmanian teenagers presented Chinese calligraphy and artwork to first lady Peng Liyuan.

President Xi urges solidarity for national rejuvenation

[2015-05-21 07:18]

President Xi Jinping has urged authorities to improve the united front work and pool strength for realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Xi Jinping's quotes of classics published

[2015-03-01 13:25]

China has published a book featuring President Xi Jinping's quotations from ancient stories and classics in his speeches and articles.

President Xi and Chinese soccer

[2015-02-28 18:12]

An avid soccer fan, President Xi has made a number of public comments related to Chinese soccer to express his support and has high hopes for the national team.

Xi stresses poverty relief for old revolutionary base areas

[2015-02-17 07:25]

A well-off society is incomplete if people in old revolutionary base areas cannot shake off poverty, says Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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