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Xi: Integrate space and air roles

[2014-04-15 07:15]

Combining capabilities in PLA is key to defense, expert says

Xi calls for joining space and air roles

[2014-04-15 02:01]

The Chinese president urges the air force to balance its abilities in defensive and offensive operations and also to develop a "new-type combat force".

Xi offers appreciation to Australia for MH370 hunt

[2014-04-12 08:24]

China will stay in close cooperation with Australia while continuing search efforts for the missing plane, President Xi Jinping says.

Chinese president meets Australian PM

[2014-04-11 21:14]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with visiting Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday afternoon at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.

President Xi meets with Hagel

[2014-04-10 03:40]

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel savors traditional Chinese cuisine including kung pao chicken, dumplings and broccoli with garlic at a noncommissioned officer school in Beijing.

Xi calls for better anti-terror forces

[2014-04-09 23:35]

President Xi Jinping calls on the armed police forces to stay on high alert and forcefully act against terrorism to safeguard national security and stability.

Chinese president meets US defence secretary

[2014-04-09 23:07]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with visiting US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel in Beijing on Wednesday, calling on the two countries to build a new model of military relationship.

Xi urges Israel to make brave decisions

[2014-04-09 07:13]

Visiting President Peres pledges to move Palestinian peace talks ahead

China, Israel vow to further deepen cooperation

[2014-04-08 23:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday held talks with his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres, calling for tangible progress in Israel-Palestine peace talks at an early date.

Xi calls for persistent afforestation efforts

[2014-04-05 20:10]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for multi-generation efforts from people of all ethnic groups to protect forest resources.

President Xi meets Sudanese national assembly speaker

[2014-04-03 22:17]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met Fatih Ezzedine al-Mansur, speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of the Sudan, in Beijing on Thursday.

PLA senior generals back Xi's orders

[2014-04-03 14:43]

High-ranking officers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) express their support for President Xi Jinping's request to continue building a strong army.

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