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President Xi meets Shenzhou X astronauts

[2013-07-26 21:50]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday met astronauts and scientists who participated in the Shenzhou X mission, extending congratulations to the success of the mission.

Xi stresses greater courage, wisdom in reforms

[2013-07-25 07:30]

China must deepen reforms in major areas with "ever more political courage and wisdom" to surmount the institutional barriers that are restraining growth, President Xi Jinping has stressed.

Xi urges rural development

[2013-07-24 01:17]

President Xi Jinping called for more efforts to boost the development of rural areas and promote more urban and rural integration.

Xi urges deepening reform, opening up

[2013-07-23 20:24]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for deepening of reforms and further opening-up to facilitate a healthy and sustained economy and solve major problems to realize future goals.

Party seeks to boost ties with the public

[2013-07-19 08:08]

Locals of Gangshang, an oasis of security in Hebei province, attribute that to their long-standing village Party chief Zheng Mengchen. Special on CPC mass line

President Xi calls on scientists to serve

[2013-07-18 02:07]

President Xi urged scientists to keep in mind the need to serve their homeland and to benefit the people, to combine their own ambitions with the Chinese dream — the rejuvenation of the country.

Xi urges development through scientific innovation

[2013-07-17 20:39]

President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for a greater focus on scientific innovation, as well as making it a driving force for China's development.

Officials urged to promote 'mass line' campaign

[2013-07-17 11:35]

Top leaders have called on local officials to promote the "mass line" education campaign and apply it to boosting development and people's livelihoods.

Emphasis on US-China investment treaty 'positive'

[2013-07-13 15:32]

The intention expressed by the United States and China to pursue a bilateral investment treaty is positive although there are many problems to be addressed.

Xi urges utmost landslide rescue efforts

[2013-07-13 02:10]

President Xi Jinping on Friday asked authorities to spare no efforts in searching for people left messing after a serious landslide in Sichuan province.

'Power of officials should be for the people'

[2013-07-13 01:25]

Officials' power is granted by the people and should be used for the people, and that power must be exercised in the open, President Xi Jinping said on Friday.

Xi urges CPC members to keep China red

[2013-07-12 22:05]

President Xi Jinping has urged 85 million members of the Communist Party of China to work hard and serve the people wholeheartedly to "ensure the color of red China will never change."

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