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Top meetings between Xi and Obama from 2009 to 2014

[2014-03-24 15:06]

Xi and Obama have met a total of four times since 2009, and they had two meetings in 2013, Xi's first year as Chinese president. Additionally, before he became president, Xi met Obama on two occasions, including a meeting at the White House in February 2012.

Xi says visit to Netherlands complete success

[2014-03-24 11:38]

President Xi Jinping met with Dutch King Willem-Alexander again on Sunday, saying that his visit to the Netherlands is successful and he is fully confident of the future of bilateral relations.

China to play important role at nuclear summit

[2014-03-24 09:39]

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he believes China will play an important role at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.

UNESCO chief looks forward to new vision

[2014-03-21 07:53]

President Xi Jinping's visit to the UNESCO headquarters will be historic and an exceptional opportunity for him to share his vision on China's soft power and human development.

Xi: New Zealand ties 'exemplary'

[2014-03-20 02:54]

President Xi Jinping called for closer cooperation between China and New Zealand in the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors on Wednesday.

Xi leads military reform, stresses strong army

[2014-03-16 07:44]

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is head of a leading group for deepening reform on national defense and the armed forces, on Saturday stressed that the country's military reform should be guided by the objective of building a strong army.

Xi urges PLA modernization

[2014-03-12 04:21]

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, said the Chinese People's Liberation Army must "race against time" to push forward its modernization efforts and deepen military reform.

Chinese leaders urge Malaysia flight emergency response

[2014-03-09 07:34]

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday urged emergency measures over the missing Malaysian flight bound for Beijing with more than 150 Chinese nationals on board.

President Xi spotted at popular hutong in Beijing

[2014-02-25 13:44]

The unexpected appearance of Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Nanluogu Xiang sent excited visitors into a frenzy.

Xi calls on leaders to carry out new reforms

[2014-02-18 02:05]

President Xi Jinping told provincial and ministerial-level cadres on Monday to have confidence in China's government system while pushing forward the reforms unveiled at November's top Party conference.

Speculation over Xi-Ma talks

[2014-02-18 02:05]

Media suggest that 2014 APEC meeting, scheduled in Beijing in fall, would be an appropriate occasion for Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou to meet.

Xi wants scientific, democratic and legalistic CPC

[2014-02-17 21:02]

President Xi Jinping Monday told China's ministers and provincial governors to sharpen their skills and modernize the government.

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