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Xi's Sochi visit to deepen Sino-Russian ties

[2014-02-02 23:19]

China and Russia set a new model of relations between major powers after the end of the Cold War and found a way of treating each other with respect.

President Xi extends Lunar New Year greetings

[2014-01-30 21:05]

President Xi Jinping said that he hopes the Chinese will continue to work hard and strive for prosperity and a better life.

Paper spotlights President Xi's early work

[2014-01-04 16:57]

When President Xi Jinping built his career in the 1980s, one of his main priorities was the resurgence of Hebei province's Zhengding county.

Xi shows common touch

[2014-01-03 16:49]

Diners at the Qingfeng steamed bun restaurant will never forget the day when Chinese President Xi Jinping unexpectedly dropped in to dine at the restaurant.

Xi's bun shop visit draws attention from foreign media

[2013-12-31 17:08]

President Xi Jinping dropped in at a steamed bun restaurant in Beijing on Saturday, attracting wide attention from foreign media.

Xi shows common touch with visit to bun eatery

[2013-12-31 13:45]

Chinese President Xi Jinping showed off the common touch on Saturday with a surprise visit to a steamed bun restaurant in Beijing where he paid for his food and happily chatted to surprised customers.

Xi to direct carrying out of reform

[2013-12-31 01:24]

China's top leader Xi will head a group to steer economic, social and Party reforms, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau decided Monday.

Xi offers condolences to Russia over blasts

[2013-12-30 18:52]

Chinese President Xi Jinping extended condolences to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday over two terror attacks in Russia's southern city of Volgograd, which left dozens of people dead.

Xi joins diners for dumplings

[2013-12-29 08:47]

The public hailed President Xi Jinping after a man-of-the-people appearance at a steamed dumplings restaurant in Beijing on Saturday.

Xi extends New Year greetings to front-line staff, seniors

[2013-12-28 21:16]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday visited a heat supply company and a nursing home in Beijing, extending New Year greetings to front-line staff and seniors all over the country.

Xi: Holding high banner of Mao forever

[2013-12-26 18:46]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) will hold high the banner of Mao Zedong Thought "forever" in pursuing the Chinese nation's rejuvenation.

US backs Chinese military ties

[2013-12-06 13:44]

The US must build stronger military-to-military ties with China despite their differences on issues, said US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Thursday.

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