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Honoring heroes at Tian'anmen Square

[2013-10-01 23:47]

China's top leaders walk in rain to lay flowers at the Monument to the People's Heroes at Tian'anmen Square on Tuesday to mark the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic

Top leaders study at China's Silicon Valley

[2013-10-01 17:14]

China's top leadership held a group study Monday in a Beijing technology hub known as China's Silicon Valley, the first time such a study has been held outside the central authority's seat at Zhongnanhai.

Xi's visit to lift China-Malaysia ties to higher level: Ambassador

[2013-10-01 14:43]

The close cooperation between China and Malaysia in recent years has yielded fruitful results.

Study of Scientific Outlook on Development stressed

[2013-10-01 07:54]

Members and officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have been told to strengthen studies and practice of China's Scientific Outlook on Development theory.

China committed to deepening reform

[2013-10-01 01:22]

China remains committed to deepening reforms in the pursuit of long-term and sustainable economic growth, Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday.
China confident in meeting economic targets
China needs reforms for economic development

President Xi urges all-out rescue effort

[2013-09-30 14:27]

President Xi Jinping has demanded an all-out rescue effort after Typhoon Wutip sank fishing boats near the Xisha Islands on Sunday night, leaving 74 people missing.

Criticism campaign leading CPC officials to improve style

[2013-09-27 17:30]

When eating and sleeping in grassroots household, Zhou Benshun and his colleagues were reminded of the days when they walked or rode a bicycle to inspect villages and sat together with locals in a long wooden chair to chat.

President Xi touts moral models

[2013-09-27 01:35]

Learning from moral models and spreading positive energy is a way to reshape social morality and realize the Chinese dream, President Xi Jinping said.
Xi promotes 'mass line' campaign

President Xi stresses good values

[2013-09-27 01:03]

President Xi Jinping called for promotion of social ethics and traditional virtues among Chinese people.

Xi promotes 'mass line' campaign

[2013-09-26 01:25]

President Xi urged Party members to better use criticism and self-criticism in their work to improve on their abilities to find and resolve their own problems.

Xi stresses CPC criticisms, self-criticisms

[2013-09-25 21:37]

Xi Jinping, leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has urged leading officials to constantly relay criticisms and self-criticisms to improve capabilities to find and solve their own problems.

China pledges support for Bahrain's efforts to safeguard stability

[2013-09-17 13:44]

President Xi Jinping met with the King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa on Monday afternoon and pledged to back the Middle East country's efforts to safeguard stability.

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