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Numerous eyes on me: Shaanxi work safety chief

By Ma Lie in Xi'an ( Updated: 2012-10-23 17:20

The new head of the work safety watchdog in Shaanxi province in Northwest China says he feels there are numerous eyes watching him and his officials.

Zhao Zhengcai, who replaced Yang Dacai as director of the Shaanxi provincial administration of work safety on Sept 23, said work safety officials should feel guilty when people's lives and property are damaged.

Speaking at an administration work conference, Zhao said officials should be accountable in protecting people's lives and property. He told his officials they should work hard and pay attention to their words and actions as they are being watched by "numerous eyes".

Zhao was apparently referring to his predecessor Yang, who was sacked and placed under investigation for corruption.

Yang drew widespread criticism after a photograph showing him smiling at the scene of a fatal traffic accident in August went online.

He later said he was trying to cheer a colleague up after a long drive.

However, netizens continued to delve into his past and found photos of him appearing in public wearing a range of luxury watches and eyeglasses.

An investigation was launched and Yang was found to have seriously violated the Party's disciplinary rules. He was dismissed from his post for further investigation.

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