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Trending across China on Nov 25

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Free shoes for witnessing a public marriage proposal; silence your phone or face a 5-year ban; and how many belly dancers does it take to break a record?

You're not hired

Trending across China on Nov 25

A bankrupt billionaire gained popularity on the Internet after he went on "Only You," a popular job-hunting program on Tianjin Satellite TV.

Wang Yongming, former general manager of a costume company in Beijing, was rejected by the bosses when he applied for jobs on the TV program. He was encouraged afterward by netizens who supported his courage to start another enterprise, Beijing News reported.


Wealth disparity reaches alarming levels

Belly dancing

Trending across China on Nov 25 

Nearly 500 women and girls belly danced in freezing weather on Saturday in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, to try to break the record for most belly dancers in one spot.

The dancers, age 3 to 50, were trying to make it into the Carrying the Flag World Records, headquartered in London, Britain, Sichuan News Network (SCNEWS) reported.


Boys who belly dance

Jet's oil leak 

China's advanced fighter jet, the J-10, was leaking oil when it was initially tested in July 2004, China Central Television reported.

Liang Wanjun, a pilot from the People's Liberation Army Air Force, said in a TV program that he managed to land safely after seeing the oil leak.

The J-10 is a third-generation, multi-role fighter aircraft regarded by military experts as very advanced and comparable to the latest variant of the US' F-16 Fighting Falcon.


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Public proposal

Trending across China on Nov 25

A man spent 200,000 yuan buying 1,000 pairs of women's shoes to give out to people in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, as he proposed to his girlfriend at a public square on Saturday.

Xu Pengkai won the heart of his beloved in front of many witnesses, West China Metropolis Daily reported.

Strict test rules
 Trending across China on Nov 25

Applicants will be banned from taking the civil servant exam for five years if their cell phone rings during the test, according to the discipline released this year.

A total of 1.5 million people applied for 19,000 posts for State civil servants this year. The test was given on Sunday, Beijing Youth Daily reported.


1.12m seek government jobs

Marathon problems 

Trending across China on Nov 25

The Guangzhou International Marathon Games, held on Nov 23, was criticized by the media for such problems as not enough toilets along the route, lack of information about traffic control, and sudden changes in the route, New Express reported.


No fear of the finish when running

Bad information 

Trending across China on Nov 25

A professor refuted information prevailing on the Internet that said wearing a down jacket could warm the human body by 9 degrees Celsius.

Zhang Hui, a professor from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, said there is no scientific basis to connect the quality of clothing warmth to numbers, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

 Domestic abuse 

Zhang Weijian, a singer and actor, said Huang Guanzhong, a singer whose mother has suffered from domestic violence by his father, should forgive his father instead of taking revenge with violence, reported.

Huang had vowed to kill his father, who always attacked his mother with knives, the report said.


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