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Taxi driver taking Monkey King from screen to streets

[2016-11-26 10:13]

The 26-year-old Fang Jia has started to put his dream of playing the Monkey King into practice since last year.

Shanghai zoo accused of profiting from animal cruelty

[2016-11-25 15:47]

Shanghai Wild Animal Park has been accused of profiting from animal cruelty by allowing visitors to take photos with infant animals.

A glimpse into how workers brave freezing cold

[2016-11-25 08:29]

Iis not just the snow that we should appreciate, but also express our gratitude to those who work under such biting cold.

New home, new scenery: Giant pandas' first winter in NE China

[2016-11-24 08:03]

Two giant pandas, the nine-year-old male "Youyou", and female "Sijia" spend their first winter in their new home in NE China.

Deformed son's parents take hospital to court

[2016-11-23 17:34]

A couple whose son was born without any fingers on his right hand have taken the hospital that allegedly failed to notice the birth defect to court.

Guangdong, Canada's Alberta sign cooperation agreements

[2016-11-21 17:07]

Canada's Alberta province and Guangdong province in South China signed a series of cooperative agreements to expand economic ties in Guangzhou on Monday.

First snow turns Beijing white and beautiful

[2016-11-21 07:49]

Beijing embraces the first snow of 2016 on Nov 21, 2016.

You can lead a donkey to water in NW China, for now

[2016-11-18 16:50]

In a small village tucked away on a remote mountain in Northwest China, 18 residents and four donkeys are the whole world.

Supermarket in talks with father of boy killed by falling locker

[2016-11-18 16:29]

A 6-year-old boy has been killed by a falling metal locker outside a fruit market in Ankang, Shannxi province.

Shenzhou XI

[2016-11-16 14:08]

The longest manned space mission China has ever undertaken

China Hi-tech Fair 2016 to kick off in Shenzhen

[2016-11-15 20:07]

Shenzhen is poised to play an active role in promoting the country's supply-side structural reform through innovation and quality enhancement as the host of the country's largest and most influential technology show.

Chongqing University library gets a retro look

[2016-11-15 19:22]

Leather chairs, crystal chandeliers, dark wooden furniture, standing clocks, European style lamps are not often seen at a university library. That's why the retro style of the newly renovated library at Chongqing University recently went viral online.

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