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Research center attempts to plant grain on saline land

[2016-10-13 19:38]

A R&D center focusing on "sea rice" agriculture is expected to produce quality grain on saline and alkaline land, according to a signing ceremony on Wednesday in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.

Shipping companies now offered insurance during litigations

[2016-10-13 18:44]

A shipping company that sues another in Shanghai and applies to the court to seal or hold custody of the ship or cargo belonging to the defendant can now purchase insurance to take on the loss of the defendant or a third party if the defendant eventually wins the lawsuit.

Right Jobs hard to find for returning graduates

[2016-10-13 18:08]

As the number of Chinese heading to study overseas has soared in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for those returning from overseas to find suitable jobs, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

Seventy percent of people in Shanghai middle-income earners

[2016-10-13 18:07]

Middle-income earners predominate in Shanghai, with seven out of 10 residents earning an annual income of more than 50,000 yuan ($7,440) last year, Shanghai-based Laodong Daily reported on Wednesday.

New food bank opens in Shanghai

[2016-10-11 19:48]

A new kind of food bank that aids disadvantaged groups in China has debuted in a community in Shanghai.

Report highlights large number of 'invisible' girls

[2016-10-11 18:19]

A ceremony in Beijing on Tuesday to mark the fifth International Day of the Girl adopted a theme of "Counting the Invisible: Using Data to Transform the Lives of Girls and Women by 2030".

China making progress on gender equality, women's rights

[2016-10-11 18:16]

China will work together with the international community to continue to promote gender equality, a senior Chinese official said on Tuesday, the fifth International Day of the Girl Child.

Halloween carnival to be staged in Guangzhou

[2016-10-11 17:25]

A Halloween carnival is scheduled from Oct 13th to Nov 13th at a theme park in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, as the Western festival is just around the corner.

Apple symposium to be held in Shaanxi

[2016-10-09 19:30]

The first International Apple Symposium will be held in the city of Luochuan in Shaanxi province on October 11. More than 1,000 delegates from across the world will participate at the event, visiting model apple orchards and sharing innovative research results in the fruit industry.

Runnar supports Qianjiangyuan National Park half Marathon race

[2016-10-09 15:55]

A half marathon race held in Kaihua County's Qianjiangyuan National Park, in East China's Zhejiang province, attracted many runners from home and abroad. Online registrations for the race quickly accounted for more than half of the participant limit during just the first few days after the official website was opened.

New app teaches Taichi, promotes martial arts

[2016-10-03 21:51]

The world's first mobile phone app for teaching taichi "Love Taichi" has been launched in a bid to help the traditional Chinese martial arts further go overseas.

Beijing kicks off tourism and shopping month

[2016-10-01 14:43]

Beijing has kicked off a month-long tourism and shopping campaign in October.

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