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Islands 'patron' looks to safer, greener environment

[2016-05-26 00:19]

The sea has been a pivotal part of Wang Chun's career since 1993 and his tide of progress has seen him now lead a work team that governs a slew of islands and waters. His role has earned him the affectionate title of "Patron of the Islands" from his colleagues.

Internet campaigns boost protection of ecosystems in island chain

[2016-05-26 00:15]

Thanks to the cellular network and Wi-Fi on Zhaoshu, an island in the Xisha chain, simply scanning a QR code on a label hanging from a coconut tree will tell you who has adopted and financed it.

Chinese to curb premature deaths in the next decade

[2016-05-24 20:02]

The rate of premature death caused by major chronic diseases in China is expected to decrease by 20 percent from the current level by 2025, according to an official with China's top health authority.

Airline launches 'green passage' to transport donated human organs

[2016-05-24 19:56]

China Southern Airlines, the country's first civil aviation company to open a "green passage" for transfer of donated human organs, released the fast channel's operating mechanism on Tuesday in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Guangdong firm joins UN in sustainable development project

[2016-05-23 19:17]

Chimelong Group, a leisure tourism conglomerate, signed an agreement with the United Nations World Tourism Organization to invest in a project aiming for sustainable development of the industry along with the conservation of wildlife.

Forum on SW China development opportunities held in Sichuan

[2016-05-22 15:52]

West China has to pay more attention to attracting talented personnel instead of eyeing outside investment only, a prominent Chinese economist said.

Touring panda art exhibition opens in Hong Kong

[2016-05-20 10:08]

A world-touring exhibition featuring more than 20 giant panda-themed artworks is being hosted by Ocean Park Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Sichuan Forestry Department, from Friday to May 29.

Mobiles vital in keeping tourists moving

[2016-05-19 20:14]

Mobile devices have become an essential tool for many tourists and especially for Chinese people and are now indispensable for the whole travel process.

Guangzhou auto group not buying stake in FCA, official says

[2016-05-19 20:09]

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co (GAC), one of the major Chinese car makers, denied on Thursday that it had planned to buy a stake in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

CAPAS 2016 gets under way in Sichuan

[2016-05-19 18:23]

The three-day 3rd annual Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS), one of Southwest China's leading automotive trading platforms, kicked off in the Sichuan provincial capital on Thursday.

Cultural heritage industrial park set up in Shenzhen

[2016-05-16 20:40]

An industrial park featuring cross-border e-commerce of intangible cultural heritages has been established in Shenzhen, a longtime testing ground of China's reform and opening up.

Cultural, tourism agreements signed in Guizhou

[2016-05-16 20:28]

Agreements related to several culture and tourism projects in Guizhou province, Southwestern China, were signed during the annual China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Fair.

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