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Fountains in Xinjiang may help battle cancer

[2016-03-11 13:54]

Water properties in four fountains recently discovered in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region may help in the battle against cancer.

Chengdu sets up innovation fund

[2016-03-10 23:16]

The Chengdu city government has established a 50 million yuan ($7.7 million) fund to reward winners of major research prizes to start their businesses in the capital of Sichuan province.

Chengdu plans to nurture innovation

[2016-03-10 23:10]

Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province, has vowed to increase its innovation-driven development within the next three years.

Soil pollution prevention rules eyed

[2016-03-10 13:56]

Legislation on controlling and preventing soil pollution across the country is being considered by China's top legislative body, a National People's Congress environmental official said on Thursday.

Seven sentenced for killing, selling endangered birds

[2016-03-09 12:07]

Seven people convicted of poisoning endangered birds at the Eastern Dongting Lake Nature Reserve and selling them to restaurants were sentenced in Yueyang, Hunan province, to prison terms of between one and 12 years.

Hacking network that targeted Korean transportation sites identified

[2016-03-09 12:04]

A hacking network dubbed Onion Dog that targeted transportation and other sites in the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been broken, a leading Chinese security software provider announced on Wednesday.

Patient secretly leaves hongbao for medical staff

[2016-03-03 15:25]

The relationship between patients and staff members at China's hospitals has been the subject of frequent headlines in recent months. Conflicts between doctors, patients and their families when outcomes have been less than ideal have included fatal attacks on medical staff.

Workers scramble for day jobs in Hebei

[2016-02-23 13:20]

Wang Shuji is typical of the workers who gather each morning at local labor markets, the self-forming roadside gathering places for those seeking day jobs in Hebei province.

Expats taste festive life in Sichuan

[2016-02-22 17:11]

Matt Vegh looked on attentively as two workers pedaled to operate a bamboo ring to extract brine for making salt.

Hilton worldwide opens its first hotel in Dali, Yunnan Province

[2016-02-22 15:51]

Hilton Worldwide and Hilton Hotels & Resorts announced the opening of Hilton Dali Resort & Spa on Feb 1, which marks Hilton's debut in Dali and the fourth property in the Hilton portfolio in Yunnan province after Hilton Fuxian Lake.

TV gala exposure draws thousands to Anhui lane

[2016-02-16 15:16]

People have never as interested in a small legendary lane as they are nowadays after a song about it was sung at Spring Festival Gala.

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