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Drones give police an eye in the sky

[2016-01-04 07:55]

Drones and other high-tech surveillance measures have been making a big impact in the fight against drugs and related crimes in Huidong county, Guangdong province, once known as a major production base for the so-called date-rape anesthetic ketamine.

Hospital a refuge for ailing drug users

[2016-01-04 07:55]

Free specialized facility spearheading govt effort to expand services to 21 cities in Guangdong

Paintings on den walls appeal to zoo visitors

[2015-12-30 21:34]

Two red-crowned cranes are having lunch in their den while a flock of sparrows fly in to share their food.

App designed to help mentally ill

[2015-12-30 08:36]

A mobile phone application has been launched catering to the needs of people with mental disorders.

Shanghai airport going supersize

[2015-12-30 08:00]

The two new passenger terminals will boost airport capacity to 80 million passengers annually, a big increase over current 60 million.

School for mountaineering builds home-grown expedition expertise

[2015-12-29 08:15]

Company founder promotes region as center of Himalayan culture and outdoor sports paradise

Ascent of sacred mountains acts as a new form of worship

[2015-12-29 08:15]

Most Tibetans regard high, snow-capped mountains as sacred and they have long tradition of honoring them by making religious offerings or circling the base on foot.

Top female rock climber wins gold, again and again

[2015-12-29 08:15]

One of China's most accomplished athletes, a 26-year-old Tibetan woman with dozens of gold medals, is poised to elevate the nation's standing in a growing global sport: rock climbing.

Ex-urban official falls to his death

[2015-12-29 08:15]

The former head of the urban management bureau of Guangming New District in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, reportedly fell to his death in the city on Sunday night.

Elite officer from Hunan excels as recruiter for UN

[2015-11-16 08:53]

In July, after four years of recruiting police officers for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations, Huang Wei, 49, associate professor at Hunan Police Academy, returned to China.

Portraits found in tomb may include image of Confucius

[2015-11-16 07:38]

Chinese archaeologists claimed on Saturday to have unearthed a portrait of Confucius from a tomb in Jiangxi province that is at least 2,000 years old.

Rail firm on fast track to success

[2015-11-16 07:11]

CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive opens $131 million plant in Malaysia that will serve as its gateway to the rest of the region.

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