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Contest gives expats a taste of farm life

[2015-11-10 08:01]

Expats from three countries experienced traditional Chinese agricultural life in Ningxiang county, Hunan province, on Saturday as they took part in a contest of skills to harvest rice using traditional methods.

Recycling plant to help clear Hebei air

[2015-11-10 08:01]

A major recycling plant is to be built in Hebei province.

Fate of soldiers' remains in Myanmar under discussion

[2015-11-09 07:53]

The Chinese government has opened discussions with parties in Myanmar to help them determine how to handle the remains of soldiers from the Chinese Expeditionary Force who died fighting Japanese invaders in World War II, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, Pan Xuesong, said on Friday.

Ancient vassal state, once submerged, comes to light

[2015-11-05 07:51]

A lost ancient state in Jiangxi province was unveiled to the public on Wednesday, when major archaeological breakthroughs were announced at a news conference in the provincial capital of Nanchang.

Endangered storks flock to reserve in record numbers

[2015-10-30 07:43]

During their regular patrol to monitor birds in autumn, rangers with Naolihe National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang province recorded a gathering of more than 700 Oriental storks, an endangered water bird.

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