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Study reveals spike in rural childhood obesity

[2016-07-26 12:31]

Childhood obesity has dramatically increased in rural parts of Shandong province, a study has found.

Investigation launched into fatal seaplane crash

[2016-07-21 18:05]

Joy General Aviation, the country's largest seaplane operator, has had all its flying activities suspended following a crash in Shanghai that left five people dead.

Great Wall viral video vandal identified

[2016-07-21 18:02]

A man who vandalized the Great Wall has been identified and located after a video showing his actions went viral online, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Thursday.

China's newest astronaut introduced to the public

[2016-07-20 19:12]

Ye Guangfu, one of China's newest astronauts, was introduced to the Chinese public in Beijing on Wednesday, after taking part earlier this month in a weeklong training program in Italy organized by the European Space Agency.

Activist hopes for total ivory ban in China

[2016-07-20 17:06]

Concrete steps toward the elimination of the domestic commercial trade in ivory could be taken by the Chinese government in 2017, according to the head of a nongovernmental organization.

Central Institute of Socialism launches its first thinktank

[2016-07-20 17:02]

Central Institute of Socialism, the official institute co-founded by the eight democratic parties of China to do relevant studies, launched its first thinktank.

Guideline urges crackdown on scientific research tampering

[2016-07-14 17:51]

A new guideline issued by China’s top prosecuting authority on Thursday urges action against all governmental officials found to be tampering with scientific research.

Guangdong police bust card fraud gangs

[2016-07-13 16:28]

Police have detained two foreign suspects in Guangzhou accused of being part of a gang that produced and used fake bank cards.

Incentive scheme rewards considerate drivers

[2016-07-13 15:38]

Yueqing county in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province is offering cash rewards and fuel cards to drivers who give way to pedestrians on crosswalks.

Regional urban emergency rescue workshop inaugurated

[2016-07-11 18:01]

A regional workshop on emergency rescue in urban environments was inaugurated in Shanghai on Monday, to strengthen cooperation and communication between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Disability advocate lobbies UN

[2016-07-07 22:47]

China's top representative for people with disabilities has proposed to the United Nation's chief to build a world organization for disability.

Baby brings new joy to bereaved elderly couple

[2016-07-07 16:44]

At the age of 54, Liu Hongmei gave birth to her second child thanks to in vitro fertilization, two years after losing her first son to a traffic accident.

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