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New rules mulled for Internet court auctions

[2016-03-23 16:40]

China's top court is considering a new judicial interpretation to better regulate online auctions of seized assets.

Eco-friendly burials on the increase in Beijing

[2016-03-23 15:46]

Ecological burials are gaining popularity in Beijing as local authorities respond to a severe shortage of cemetery space.

KLM to Fly New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to 3 Chinese cities

[2016-03-22 22:29]

KLM announced on Monday that Chengdu in Sichuan province, Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, and Xiamen in Fujian province will be the first three Chinese destinations added to the list of KLM new Boeing 787-9 destinations.

Demand increasing for general aviation aircraft

[2016-03-22 15:25]

Demand for general aviation aircraft in China is on the increase for everything from disaster relief to scientific research, according to private company that has sold nearly 100 planes in under two years.

New Internet teaching platform promotes cardio disease treatments

[2016-03-21 19:58]

China's first distance learning school for cardiovascular diseases aims to improve medical skills among doctors, especially those who treat patients in rural areas.

More environmental lawsuits were expected after law change

[2016-03-21 19:56]

Environmental NGOs have taken advantage of China's revised Environmental Protection Law to file lawsuits, but public interest litigation in 2015 lagged behind expectations, a key organization reported.

B2B platform for wholesale market in Guangzhou

[2016-03-21 19:43]

Guangdong Highsun Group Co Ltd, a Chinese company principally engaged in commercial property management, has launched a business-to-business Internet commerce platform to help upgrade business of local professional wholesale markets, according to the company.

Mother and daughter nabbed for selling illegal vaccine

[2016-03-18 17:09]

A mother and daughter from East China's Shandong province have since 2010 allegedly sold vaccines worth 570 million yuan ($88 million) illegally in China, said the police on Friday.

Zhangjiakou cleaning air by planting trees, closing down polluters

[2016-03-16 17:02]

As co-host of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with Beijing, Zhangjiakou in Hebei province plans to plant 467,000 hectares of trees and shut down 200 highly polluting companies in the next six years.

Road race offers amateurs runners ladder to the top

[2016-03-16 17:23]

Even the most enthusiastic jogger might balk at the thought of a full 42-kilometer marathon, but how about a fun yet challenging 10 km run?

Guang'an aims to lift more than 280,000 out of poverty

[2016-03-15 21:36]

Guang'an in eastern Sichuan province has vowed to lift more than 280,000 people out of poverty by 2018, a senior official said.

China's southernmost city to plant 500,000 trees

[2016-03-15 14:33]

China's southernmost city is preparing to plant 500,000 trees within the year in a new "greening of the islands" initiative.

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