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Anger and doubt over Malaysia's announcement

( Updated: 2014-03-25 11:28

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The cyber world in China reverberated over Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's statement late Monday that confirmed Flight MH370 with 239 onboard went down in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors.

Anger and doubt over Malaysia's announcement

Grief, anger, frustration and doubt are interwoven in Internet users' posts critical of the southeastern Asian country's mishandling of the horrific incident during the past 17 days.

"I swear I will not take a step on Malaysia's territory until they straighten things up," wrote Weibo user Jingchutingtao.

Hou Xiaohui echoed the sentiment, saying he will boycott everything from the country.

The prime minister quoted satellite analysis from Britain and concluded that the 239 people, including 154 Chinese, are all dead, fueling the wrath of Internet users who demanded more information.

Doubts, blame and even conspiracy theories on Malaysia Airlines have deluged China's largest micro blogging site.

"I've prepared for the worst scenarios. But the airline just announced the result in a hasty fashion after such a long time. They haven't found any piece of debris from the plane or remains of the victims. What exactly happened on MH370? We don't want apologies, WE WANT THE TRUTH!" wrote a Weibo user.

Guo Chengsuo put forward a question list in a post to the airline regarding to whether it had already known the details of a possible hijacking incident.

Some still refused to accept the terrible news, and lighted candle icons, praying for a miracle.

"Until they find the debris and the black box I won't trust what they say," wrote Xuye.

Anger and doubt over Malaysia's announcement

Video: How can an airplane disappear?

MH370 is not the first aircraft that has disappeared without a trace.

Anger and doubt over Malaysia's announcement

Video: Officials remain puzzled

Tension mounted as the search for the missing Malaysian airplane continued. 

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