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10 years on, tsunami warning stumbles at the 'last mile'

[2014-12-21 15:35]

In April 2012, Indonesia's Banda Aceh, the city worst hit by the tsunami that killed at least 226,000 people on Boxing Day ten years ago, received a terrifying reminder of how unprepared it was for the next disaster.

Pyongyang says to strengthen national defense to counter US hostility

[2014-12-20 22:21]

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said Saturday that denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula has "lost its meaning" amid US hostile policy.

Cambodia welcomes Chinese premier's pledge of aid to GMS countries

[2014-12-20 21:41]

A senior official of the Cambodian government welcomes Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's pledge of 3.09 billion US dollars aid to the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) member countries, saying the offer is essential for socio-economic development and poverty reduction.

China offers $3B in aid and loans to neighbours

[2014-12-20 19:31]

Premier Li Keqiang says China will offer funds and aid to five countries along the Mekong River for various projects.

US warns citizens against threats to residences in Pakistan

[2014-12-20 17:27]

The US Embassy in Pakistan has warned American nationals against the possible threats to their residences in the country.

Obama says to 'respond proportionally' to Sony cyber attack

[2014-12-20 07:34]

US President Barack Obama said Friday his government will "respond proportionally" to the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), for which he pointed the finger at the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ( DPRK).

China, Thailand sign MoU on railway cooperation

[2014-12-19 20:41]

Following a bilateral meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha witnessed the signing ceremony at the Thai Government House.

Taste of Thai

[2014-12-19 19:48]

There is no disputing that elements of Thai culture have seen their appeal grow among Chinese people.

Chinese visitors to surge in Thailand in 2015

[2014-12-19 19:27]

Chinese visitors accounted for some 4.1 million trips to Thailand in 2014, a decrease on the previous year because of political instabilty in Thaliand but a surge in the number is expected in 2015, according to, China's largest tourist information sharing website.

Volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia

[2014-12-19 10:53]

Mount Gamalama in Indonesia's eastern North Maluku province erupted on Thursday night, spewing a two-kilometer ash column, official said here Friday.

Japan, US delay defense guideline revision

[2014-12-19 10:46]

Japan and the United States announced Friday that they will delay the revision of their defense guidelines planned in the end of this year until the first half of 2015 so as to keep in step with Japan's legislation over the right to collective self-defense, according to local media.

Ties between China and Oceanian countries enter new era

[2014-12-19 10:13]

The development of relations between China and Oceanian countries have entered a new era after Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to this part of the world in November this year.

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