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FBI investigation on MH370 captain offers no new clue to aircraft location: JACC

[2016-07-27 17:06]

FBI's investigation into the MH370 captain has offered no new clue to the crash site of the aircraft, the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) said on Wednesday.

S. Korea to launch WWII 'comfort women' victims foundation

[2016-07-27 14:40]

South Korea's gender equality ministry said Wednesday that a foundation for South Korean victims of the World War II sex slavery under the Japanese colonial rule will be launched on Thursday.

Indonesian president announces 2nd cabinet reshuffle to tackle economic issues

[2016-07-27 13:17]

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Wednesday was set to install nine new ministers after announcing his second cabinet reshuffle in less than two years after taking office.

South China Sea video draws huge response in Times Square

[2016-07-27 11:02]

A video clip showcasing the beauty and history of the South China Sea is playing in Times Square, providing ample evidence of China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights of the sea and its islands.

China to become Australia's biggest tourist source market

[2016-07-27 10:25]

China is set to become Australia's largest tourist source country in 2017, said a recent report.

Political manipulation behind arbitral tribunal will be revealed: Chinese FM

[2016-07-27 10:12]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday that the political manipulation behind the arbitral tribunal will be revealed.

South China Sea comes to Times Square

[2016-07-27 08:09]

A video clip about the South China Sea is being shown in Times Square.

US agrees it's time to 'turn the page'

[2016-07-27 01:53]

US Secretary of State John Kerry says in Laos that he will encourage Manila to pursue dialogue and negotiation with Beijing on the issue.

China pledges to further advance cooperation in East Asia: FM

[2016-07-26 15:33]

China will make joint efforts with other countries within the framework of ASEAN Plus Three (China, Japan and South Korea)or APT to push forward cooperation in East Asia, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.

Chinese, Russian FMs agree to be vigilant to outside forces stoking regional tension

[2016-07-26 15:08]

Chinese and Russian foreign ministers have agreed to be vigilant to outside forces that stoke regional tension through various excuses and internationalize bilateral disputes.

Experts condemn expulsions of three Xinhua journalists by New Delhi

[2016-07-26 07:49]

The expulsions of three Chinese journalists from India are "very inappropriate" and "harm the overall Sino-Indian relationship", according to experts.

Chinese FM calls for end to politicization of S. China Sea issue

[2016-07-26 14:09]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for an end to the political manipulation and sensationalization of the South China Sea issue.

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