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Stories of some MH370 passengers

[2015-01-30 08:22]

On March 8, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines jet fl ying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost contact with air traffic control over the South China Sea. The aircraft was carrying 239 people, including 154 Chinese passengers. Search operations, in the Indian Ocean area southwest of Perth, Australia, found no trace of the aircraft.

Memories rekindled forMH370 relatives

[2014-12-29 07:07]

News that another airliner was missing on Sunday stirred up sad memories for 23-year-old BaiJie.

Families of MH370's passengers still hold out hope for news

[2014-12-29 04:28]

The skies were clear in Malaysia late in the evening of March 7 as Hou Aiqin passed through the security checks at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. She was due to take Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, bound for Beijing, scheduled to take off at 1:41 am minutes on March 8.

Families find comfort from MH370 passengers' mementos

[2014-09-06 08:06]

Six months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with 239 mostly Chinese people on board, disappeared, loved ones of missing passengers derive what comfort they can from what's left behind.

First rites set for MH370; Malaysia says 'face reality'

[2014-05-02 22:13]

The first funerals for passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines jet will be held this weekend, as a Malaysian official urges relatives of those presumed dead to "face reality".

Angry relatives ask for communication

[2014-04-26 08:21]

Relatives of passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 protested in front of the Malaysian embassy in Beijing again on Friday.

Partner of MH370 passenger tries to lead 'normal' life

[2014-04-21 07:24]

At about 9 am on March 8, Sarah Bajc heard the news that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was missing.

Lawyers say families key to settlement

[2014-03-28 08:19]

Getting to the truth of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is the first priority, senior lawyers said in London, and the committee of victims' families is a powerful vehicle through which to demand fair and equal treatment from insurance companies representing the airline and aircraft.

Chinese relatives send letter to envoy

[2014-03-28 08:17]

The committee representing relatives of the passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 filed a petition letter on Thursday asking for help from the Chinese special envoy sent to Malaysia to discuss the disaster.

Perth wants loved ones to be 'comfortable'

[2014-03-28 08:15]

Bradley Woods is in a reflective mood. The CEO of the Australian Hotels Association (Western Australia) has just been told to find rooms for between 600 to 1,200 people - relatives of those killed on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Passenger was on her first trip overseas

[2014-03-26 08:30]

After 17 days of waiting, Luo Jiexiang, mother of MH370 passenger Zhang Yanhui and grandmother of passenger Yang Jiabao, sighed as tears flowed down her face.

Chinese artists from Flight MH370 and their art

[2014-03-10 12:07]

Passengers on board Flight MH370 included a group of 30 Chinese artists, family members and art employees who had attended a three-day painting and calligraphy exhibition.

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