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Woman gets lost in smog

( Updated: 2015-12-16 11:11

In today's trending, a woman literally gets lost in the smog, burglar leaves apology behind, and a restaurant charges an air purifying fee to its customers.

Woman gets lost in smog

Visitors walk at the Tian'anmen Square amid severe smog in Beijing on Tuesday. [Photo/IC]

Woman gets lost in thick smog

Chinese netizens usually make a mockery of the smog by conjuring up some ludicrous stories. But what happened in the village of Ma'anshan, in East China's Anhui province reveals that these stories have a basis in the truth.

A woman, surnamed Hu, got lost in the thick smog on the way to a relative's home and wandered on streets for a whole day, reported on Sunday.

At around 7 pm of Dec 7, the police received a call from Hu's husband who reported that Hu was missing and launched a search around the village. When the police found her two hours later, Hu was too hungry, thirsty and tired to stand.

Hu's husband said Hu is a bit mentally retarded and was unable to use a mobile phone.

In our next story, a cat burglar leaves behind an apology.

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