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Polish couple brings six daughters to China to study Chinese

( Updated: 2015-09-29 11:13

Polish couple brings six daughters to China to study Chinese

A screenshot of the principal's WeChat moments with posts about his students. [Photo/]

Dedicated principal friends over 800 parents on WeChat

Zhou Peili, a primary school principal in Ningbo, Zhejiang province has added almost every student's parents on WeChat, reported on Monday.

Zhou found that WeChat could increase the connection and interaction between him and the children's parents to help students improve.

Once, he noticed that a student who hardly followed his teacher's instructions to complete his homework had parents who were not around due to work.

Zhou concluded that the student's misbehavior was due to a lack of attention from his parents. He soon added the student's mother on WeChat and informed her of the progress her child made regularly.

He also told the student his mother will know about his progress to encourage him to work harder and better. A few months later, the student showed a big improvement in his academic work and life.

Now Zhou adds all the parents and shares the students' progress on his WeChat to all the parents. He also shares updated education theories and school events that help parents to stay informed about their children's education.

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