Military reality TV show Takes a Real Man to end tonight

By Jiang Wanjuan ( ) Updated: 2015-07-18 12:16:01

Military reality TV show <EM>Takes a Real Man</EM> to end tonight

Actor Liu Haoran attempts a ropes course in Takes a Real Man. [Photo provided to]

Takes a Real Man, a 12-episode TV reality show featuring Chinese male celebrities experiencing life in the military, will air its last episode tonight.

Debuting on May 1, the show was jointly made by Hunan Television and August First Film Studio, which specializes in producing films and documentaries on military subjects.

Based on the original South Korean series Real Man, the show stars Wang Baoqiang, Zhang Fengyi, Yuan Hong, Guo Xiaodong, Du Haitao, Liu Haoran and Ou Hao. It was filmed on a military base in Jinan, Shandong province. The stars spent about four months in the army, training to fight and learning what it takes to become a soldier.

In the last episode, the celebrity team will carry out a crucial mission, which will decide whether they can "save" 58-year-old Zhang Fengyi, who is being held hostage by the opposing team. If they succeed, they will win honor and successfully "retire" from the army.

During the media premier of the 12th episode in Yunnan's Dali city on Thursday, soldiers from the Chengdu air base joined the show.

"I am very impressed by the show. It very well reflects our life in the military," said Zhang Junliang, one of the soldiers, after watching the last episode. "When I saw Du Haitao and Ou Hao in the show, it reminded me of many of us in the post-90s generation who were raised in the 'greenhouse' under the protection of our parents. That's why I decided to join the army, to take challenges and grow into a real man." "Since I joined the army last year, I feel my abilities have improved in many aspects, especially responsibility. I am sure my military life will benefit me forever. The army is a magical place, which can turn a boy into a real man. I wish more people will understand us and our life through the show."

The last episode of Takes a Real Man will air on Hunan TV at 10 pm tonight.

Aug 1 will mark China's 88th Army Day.

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