Superstition means fewer babies in Year of the Sheep

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Famous people born in the Year of the Sheep

Li Shimin, born in 559 and known as the Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, was one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history.

Mo Yan, born in 1955, is a famous Chinese author and China's first Nobel laureate in literature.

Celebrities like Chen Daoming (1955), Chow Yun-fat (1955), Liu Xiaoqing (1955), Jay Chou (1979), and Zhang Ziyi (1979) were born in the Year of the Sheep.

What they say    

Gu Jun,professor of social science with Shanghai University, said that it's unscientific to connect people's fate to their year of birth. Meanwhile, flocking to have babies in the same year not only exhausts hospital resources and causes inconvenience to pregnant women, it also arouses other social problems. These include fiercer competition for good schools, colleges, and employment for the children born in that year.

Liu Ciyuan, a researcher at the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Science, said that it makes no sense, and a man's fortune is in his own hands, which has nothing to do with birth signs.

Netizen "ren jian si yue tian 525" comments: the birth sign only refers to a particular year and how come so many people believe in the superstition. I was born in the Year of the Sheep, so was my boyfriend and the actress Gao Yuanyuan. How wonderful it is!

Netizen "chunfengshili-buruni" comments: I was born in the Year of the Sheep, so were my peers. The view has no scientific foundation; otherwise all the people born in the Year of the Sheep wouldn't live. Moreover, those miserable people cannot be all born in the Year of the Sheep?

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