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Simple life 'secret' of longevity for Sichuan centenarians

( Updated: 2016-08-03 09:54

Simple life 'secret' of longevity for Sichuan centenarians

Lin Yongqing, 103, likes counting banknotes in bed. [Photo/]

The southwestern Chinese city of Pengzhou is known as a home for longevity, with 49 centenarians among its population of 780,000 who seem to share some simple common traits for living longer -- be content and eat coarse grains often.

Located 36 kilometers northwest of Sichuan Province's capital of Chengdu, Pengzhou has a warm, humid climate, abundant water and a beautiful natural environment. Most of those above 100 years old live in its rural areas and have worked at farming for a long time, a hardy existence that built up their health, especially their cardiovascular system.

In Tianpeng town, the seat of the Pengzhou government, seven residents out of a total population of 166,000 have now lived more than 100 years. A brief study of their living habits reveals secrets to a longer life, reported local news portal

The aged usually live in peace of mind, enjoy what they have, stay away from being competitive and are ready to help others. Their diets are mainly comprised of coarse grains, vegetables and have lighter flavors. Besides keeping regular diets and avoiding overeating or too much meat, the centenarians also have the habit of sleeping and rising early.

Lin Yongqing, 103 years old, is known as outspoken and likes keeping nothing in his heart. He loves listening to traditional opera and his favorite foods are eggs and meatballs. Surprisingly, Lin eats six times a day, as his wife, also in her 90s, is always around to cook.

Lin worked all his professional life for a bank as a cashier, forming a strong affinity for counting bank notes. He still misses his career, so when lying in bed, his children bring a bundle of money for him to count. Lin sometimes counts the money dozens of times a day. His second hobby is smoking cigarettes.

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