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Police target internet live shows for spreading obscenity, violence

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-07-28 09:56

BEIJING - The police are all set to launch an offensive against internet live shows that feature obscene, violent or illegal content, said the Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday.

The operation will last until October, according to a ministry statement.

About 150 websites registered in China enabled individuals to live broadcast, attracting 200 million users so far. Several leading operators have more than 100 million registered users and monthly active users exceeding 10 million.

Live broadcasts have been abused by some to stream pornographic shows or host online gambling, the statement said.

Police will supervise website operators to ensure the legality of content and shut down accounts that flout the law.

They will also assist operators to tighten internal management and push broadcasters to register their real identity and users to register their mobile phone numbers.

The ministry called on the public to inform on offenders through

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