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Internet is the new classroom for life-long learning

By Liu Wei ( Updated: 2016-03-08 15:17
Internet is the new classroom for life-long learning

Chen Xiangdong, CEO of, an O2O online education platform,makes a speech in Beijing on March 30, 2015. [Photo/CFP]

MOOC is not the only online education model favored by learners., an O2O platform that connects students with the right tutor through the Internet, received their A round investment of $50 million last March.

On the platform, all registered teachers with their bios, pictures, videos and students' comments can be searched by people seeking the teachers and courses they need, from language lessons, skateboarding, to magic classes and chess.

Users can buy certain teacher's courses as many as they want and have the courses online or offline.

The platform goes further with service for people to have personalized learning. Chen Xiangdong, CEO of defines the platform "where anyone with talent and knowledge can be teachers and anyone who wants to learn can find a model. Anyone with any requests for learning can find the optimized personalized solution."

The online education market in China has been a hit since 2013 where more than $2 billion has been invested according to online media outlet

Among all kinds of online education, K-12 education (from kindergarten to grade 12) has already been a hotspot for sustainable business model favored by venture capitalists.

Last year, Yitiku won millions of dollars in the A round of financing from China's Internet giant Tencent in January. Yuantiku, an online smart exam database, landed its $60 million funding for D round in April;, an online study platform targeted at Chinese K-12 space, announced their $100 million financing for D round in February.

More types of online education have emerged and develop quickly to feed different needs of people.

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