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Legislature deliberates draft laws

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-10-23 18:24

BEIJING - The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), or China's legislature, began a four-day bimonthly session in Beijing on Tuesday, deliberating several draft laws.

Presided over by Wu Bangguo, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, the first plenary meeting of the session was held on Tuesday morning in the Great Hall of the People.

According to the agenda, lawmakers at the session will continue deliberations of the draft mental health law and a draft revision to the Law on Securities Investment Funds following readings at previous sessions.

They will also debate a draft decision to slightly amend seven laws, including the Prison Law, as well as a draft amendment to the Postal Law, for the first time.

Tuesday's meeting heard reports from legislators and representatives from the State Council, or China's Cabinet, on the above-mentioned draft laws or amendments.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, entrusted by the State Council, gave an explanation on two treaties signed between China and other countries while submitting them to the session for ratification.

One was the China-Tajikistan-Afghanistan treaty on the definition of the tri-junction point of the national boundaries while the other is the China-Thailand treaty on the transfer of sentenced persons.

Lawmakers on Tuesday also heard a report on the qualifications of certain NPC delegates and discussed cases of appointments and dismissals.

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