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Pu'er International Folk Music Festival is coming

By Huang Ying ( Updated: 2012-09-24 21:16

The first Pu'er International Folk Music Festival will be held in Pu'er city, Yunnan province, between Nov 16 and Nov 24, according to a news release on Monday.

Also taking place will be the New Silk Road Miss World pageant, which will draw more than 30 participants from across the world.

Organized by the Pu'er municipal government, the festival aims to promote the exchange and composition of international folk music, as well as helping to boost tourism in Yunnan.

Pu'er city, renowned for Pu'er tea, is also a place from which much folk music has originated. These natural and primitive musical works often are meant to embody the spirit and culture of the ethnic groups that live here, such as the Dai, Va and Hani ethnic groups. The eight-day festival will present a series of cultural events, including a large variety of musical performances and fashion shows.

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