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Tears and turmoil as angry relatives march on embassy

By Hou Liqiang and Jin Haixing (China Daily) Updated: 2014-03-26 03:39

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Family members of Chinese passengers on flight MH370 walked slowly out of the Metropark Lido Hotel after the regular 10 am news briefing was cancelled on Tuesday.

Many wore identical white T-shirts bearing the slogan "Pray for MH 370", while others held banners printed with messages for their lost relatives.

 Tears and turmoil as angry relatives march on embassy

A sign reading, "Son, Papa's and Mama's hearts are broken; please come back" marks a protest at the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing on Tuesday. Feng yongbin / china daily 

"I have bought the diamond ring. I want you to wear it!" "Mum, the food you cook is the most delicious!" "1.3 billion Chinese are waiting to meet you at the airport!" were just a few of the messages.

As they waited for buses to take them to the Malaysian embassy, the families held the banners high above their heads to allow the assembled camera crews to film them.

Tears and turmoil as angry relatives march on embassy

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Although buses were soon ready and packed with distraught family members, half an hour went by without any movement. Initially, the families waited silently; many of them looked out of the window at the running policemen. They gradually lost patience in the crowded and stuffy bus. "Why haven't the buses set off yet? " asked some, but they received no answer.

More people took up the question, calling in louder and louder voices. "We can walk there," shouted one man, his cry echoed by many other passengers.

They filed off the buses and walked through the narrow gap between the buses and cars parked along the road. The gap was made even narrower by the camera crews and photographers trying to capture the expressions of every passing family member as they attempted to rush through.

They broke through the police cordon shouting "ah" in one voice after they failed to persuade the officers to give way.

Young and old were among the 300 family members. Following the lead of a man holding a bullhorn, they shouted in husky voices: "Return my beloved. Tell the public the truth. If you don't send our beloved back, we swear we will not stop!"

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