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Students turn bottle caps into a beautiful canvas

( Updated: 2015-11-23 11:31

In today's trending, high school students in Taiwan create a version of van Gogh's Starry Night out of 30,000 bottle caps, Wuhan gets its own version of the Victoria's Secret fashion show and a Sichuan mother saves 250 kilograms in coins to buy a house for her daughter.

Students turn bottle caps into a beautiful canvas

Students and art teachers at a high school in Taichung City in Taiwan pose with their version of Starry Night, which is made of 30,000 bottle caps. [Photo/IC]

Taiwan Students create Starry Night with 30,000 bottle caps

Take a look at this version of Starry Night - students from a high school in Taichung city in Taiwan made quite an impression on their fellow students and teachers when they recreated the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting in 50 minutes using about 30,000 bottle caps.

According to dfic's report on Friday, the unusual art work measures 5.4-meters long and 3.6-meters wide. The students have been collecting the bottle caps since this summer.

In our next story, Wuhan residents who missed Victoria's Secret models on TV get their own local version of the program.

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