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Anhui's GDP exceeds 2 trillion yuan in 2014

( Updated: 2015-01-23 12:42

Anhui's GDP reached 2.08 trillion yuan ($3,353.41 billion) in 2014, up 9.2 percent year-on-year, according to the press conference held by Anhui Provincial Government on Jan 22.

The value added of the primary industry hit 239.24 billion yuan, up 4.6 percent; the value added of the secondary sector reached 1,120.4 billion yuan , up 10.3 percent and the value added of the tertiary sector totaled 725.24 billion yuan, up 8.8 percent.

It is learned that the GDP per capita hit 34,427 yuan in 2014.

Grain output hit historical high and growth rate ranked second nationwide

Last year, the grain output of Anhui hit historical high, reaching 34.16 billion kilograms, up 4.2 percent, ranking the second nationwide. The area planted in grain crops reached 99.43 million mu (6.63 million hectares), which was at the same level as the year earlier, said Zhao Jinbao, the news spokesman of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics.

The oilseed output reached 2.29 million tons, up 1.5 percent. In 2014, the animal husbandry grew stably. The pig husbandry hit 308.92 thousand heads, an increase of 4 percent; the production of meat totaled 4,128,000 tons, up 2.6 percent; the production of dairy products reached 279,000 tons, increased by 10 percent and the production of aquatic products hit 2.24 million tons, up 3.8 percent.

The value added of enterprises above designated size reached 953.09 billion yuan

The profit of enterprises grew stably last year. The value added of enterprises above designated size reached 953.09 billion yuan, up 11.2 percent, 2.9 percent higher than the national average level, ranking the seventh in the country and the second in Central China.

The value added of 39 industries among 40 kinds grew last year and the growth rate of 12 industries exceeded 15 percent.

From January to November in 2014, the major business income of enterprises above designated size across Anhui reached 3,287.88 billion yuan, up 10.9 percent, 3.7 percent higher than national average level; the profit reached 141.68 billion yuan, up 4.1 percent.

The investment in fixed assets grew fast

It is learned that Anhui's investment in fixed assets reached 2,125.63 billion yuan in 2014, up 16.5 percent. The investment in primary sector hit 54.2 billion yuan, up 39.2 percent; the investment in secodary sector reached 941.78 billion yuan, up 13.9 percent and the investment in tertiary sector hit 1,129.65 billion yuan, up 17.7 percent.

A total of 22,409 projects started construction in 2014, and the total investment of the newly-started projects hit 1,535.32 billion yuan, up 3.7 percent year-on-year. The investment of non-public sector reached 1,468.1 billion yuan last year, up 20.9 percent.

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