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Chinese display technology giant surprises the international Hi-Tech Fair

( Updated: 2014-12-04 17:31

When the 16th China Hi-Tech Fair in the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, opened on Nov 16, the BOE Technology (Group) Co, with headquarters in Beijing, was ready with a lot of new products, including its 65-inch touch screen, the world's largest, and a press conference to go along with it.

BOE is a leader in semiconductor display technology, products, and services, with HQ in the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area, or E-town and its new screen applies its own one glass solution, metal grid technology, to replace traditional technology, and improve screen sensitivity and cut the cost of materials. This new generation of screen also solves some technical problems with its multi-touch system, 4K ultra high definition, and optical character recognition.

The company also set up a special booth at the fair to display its digital touch technology applications. It has had many achievements in this area after years of efforts and signed a cooperation agreement with Ping An Bank to build an intelligent bank flagship.

And it is doing other groundbreaking research, according to Zhang Yu, its vice-president, who explained that, in addition to making individual and household consumer electronics goods, they are applying their advanced technology to other areas with potential, for example, finance, transportation, education, medical services, and public information.

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