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China and Israel strengthen hi-tech agricultural bonds

( Updated: 2014-12-04 17:09

When the China-Israel Forum, on financial services and science in agriculture, opened, on Nov 16, as a part of the Beijing International Exhibition of Agricultural Industrialization for 2014, it saw Chinese enterprises from Beijing's TTT China-Israel Cultural and Digital Technology Park signing many contracts with Israeli partners.

The forum organizers invited many experts and business project managers for discussions and to seek opportunities between the two countries. It was organized by the industrial park, the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area, or E-town, Israel’s embassy in China, and the Beijing Science & Technology Commission.

China and Israel have 20 years of diplomatic relations and strong business cooperation in science, finance, and investment and their companies are taking advantage of this, and the Industrial Technology Cooperation Framework Agreement the two sighed in 2000, to promote technology cooperation and trade.

Israel's strengths lie in technology for agriculture, water, telecommunications, and biology, and, when these are combined with China's large markets, capital, and human resources, they can bring great benefits to both. In the meantime, an online trading platform for technological exchanges is being developed to make market opportunities more transparent and accessible for both Chinese and Israeli companies, and a number of institutions are contributed to it, such as the TTT industrial park, Bermad Corp (Israel), and China Technology Exchange.

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