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Shanghai lacks road courtesy

[2008-04-08 07:37]

On a rainy morning in Shanghai, I saw an old woman, stooped with age, standing precariously in the middle of a zebra crossing at the busy Renmin Lu near Luxiangyuan Lu. None of the speeding cars and buses stopped for her. They did not even slow down.

Hasty actions could stifle innovation

[2008-04-01 07:37]

China is making rapid progress in the development of new markets for a variety of financial instruments. The gold futures market began operations in January and the China Financial Futures Exchange is in the final stage of preparation for the launch of the long-awaited stock index futures market. Talks are reportedly underway for the introduction of stock options and other financial derivative products.

Good for some, bad for others

[2008-03-25 07:30]

Gushing with emotion and admiration, many foreign scribes have written about the hutong in Beijing and shikumen in Shanghai for the myriad English-language entertainment publications targeting a largely expatriate readership.

Scenic spots waiting to be developed

[2008-03-18 07:25]

Shanghai does not need a Disneyland. All it needs are Disneyland-style management expertise and marketing savvy.

Healthcare seen as HK birthright

[2008-03-11 07:20]

As expected, the Hong Kong government has put aside a lump sum to help bankroll the proposed healthcare reform.

What to do with our windfall

[2008-02-26 07:27]

In Hong Kong tomorrow, all eyes will be on the budget. A record surplus amounting to more than HK$100 billion ($12.8 billion) has raised public expectations of benefits ranging from tax rebates to generous handouts and lavish spending on social programs.

Carrier's bid needs more explanation

[2008-02-19 07:23]

Singapore Airlines (SIA) reportedly has reiterated it remains keen on winning the bid for a "strategic" minority stake in Shanghai-based China Eastern.

Our holiday spirit shines through

[2008-02-05 07:29]

Having been brought up in Hong Kong, I never felt anything too special about Chinese New Year. When I was a kid, the only thing I looked forward to was the extra pocket money I got from the hong bao, or red envelopes. To get that, I had to follow my parents on a tiring trek to visit relatives living in different areas in the city. What a bore.

A Shanghai winter to remember

[2008-01-30 07:22]

Nothing much happened after the first few days of snow in Shanghai. It was just wet and muddy, everywhere.

Slow down in GDP a healthy sign

[2008-01-29 07:30]

Global stock markets had a pretty rough time last week, and China was no exception.

HK again tops freest economy list

[2008-01-18 07:36]

The naming of Hong Kong as the freest economy by United States think tank Heritage Foundation for the 14th consecutive year made headline news in the local media.

Road ahead could be bumpy

[2008-01-15 07:19]

It is customary at this time of the year for economists and analysts to produce the almost mandatory prognosis of the economy. Their job this year is much more challenging, or interesting, depending on how you look at it, because of dramatic developments the year before, vividly illustrated by the spectacular stock market boom.

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