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HK must preserve the best

[2007-10-30 07:25]

"Adopting a new mindset" has become a catch phrase in Hong Kong after it was given special mention by Chief Executive Donald Tsang in his policy speech earlier this month in the Legislative Council.

Hong Kong's window of opportunity

[2007-10-26 07:12]

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang has called on fellow citizens to abandon their "island mentality" and adopt a new mindset to face challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the mainland's rapid economic development.

HK's lofty goals are achievable

[2007-10-16 07:30]

Tax cuts and ambitious development programs do not go together very well.

TV series mirrors rural life

[2007-10-13 06:55]

When I was a reporter in Hong Kong, a visiting mainland scholar told a gathering of the so-called "China watchers" from various foreign news organizations that they could never hope to understand China unless they spent time in rural areas, observing how people live and learning how they think.

Learning from a page in history

[2007-10-09 07:29]

The Legend of the Monkey King has captured the imagination of many generations of Chinese readers. This book, one of the great four Chinese novels, let lose our imagination to roam the waterfalls of Sichuan to the arid deserts of Taklimakan, vanquishing devils in many hideous incarnations along the way.

Let Owen's return serve as a lesson

[2007-09-25 07:23]

Michael Owen, the blue-eyed boy to millions of football fans around the world, is back in form, with style in spades.

Investor education now vital

[2007-09-18 07:26]

It is understandable for investors in China to believe that a healthy stock market is one that keeps going up. Without any form of derivative products for hedging in a downturn, money can only be made in a bull market.

Stored-value cards problem

[2007-09-15 07:25]

One of the things about Hong Kong that seems to impress my mainland friends most is the Octopus stored-value card, which allows the holder to conveniently move around the city on various modes of public transport, other than taxis.

Lamenting slow death of egg tarts

[2007-09-11 07:24]

Egg tarts and strong tea mixed with condensed milk have long been a favorite elixir of many Hong Kong people to ease the pressure and stress of a fast-pace lifestyle. But together with the won-ton (pork dumpling) noodle soup and red bean puddings, these delicacies are disappearing from our culinary landscape.

Time to re-evaluate policies

[2007-09-04 07:11]

The credit crisis arising from the US subprime mortgage woes may not have as big an impact on the markets in Asia, and China in particular, as it has on those in the US and Europe. But the problems have brought into sharp focus numerous pertinent issues weighty enough to cause financial planners around the world to rethink and re-evaluate their policies.

Charmed by Shanghai on a cool night

[2007-08-28 07:14]

It was almost too good to be true. The clear blue sky, floating white clouds and crisp clean air have combined to make life in Shanghai very pleasant over the past couple of weeks.

Side effects of long-term economic trend

[2007-08-21 07:16]

China's monthly inflation rate shot to over 5 percent in July, causing much concern about toughening government action to combat further price rises.

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