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Transparency inspires trust in HK land sales

[2009-12-18 06:55]

Nagging controversies surrounding the TV drama series Woju have brought the common interest of local officials and developers in high land prices under the public spotlight.

Let's keep on hold our dirge on the West

[2009-12-11 07:54]

Asian countries may be excused for feeling a bit smug for having so smartly regained their footings after the shock of the so-called financial tsunami that is still wrecking havoc on the economies of the developed world.

HK rides thewaves of free market

[2009-12-04 07:37]

The highly external oriented economy of Hong Kong is said to have taken a heavy blow from the global credit crisis in the past 18 months. But you won't notice any sign of recession if you happen to be visiting Hong Kong, like I did last week.

A beacon onthe financial horizon

[2009-11-27 07:06]

Imagine yourself as one of the millions of so-called "home mortgage loan slaves", scrimping on everything to make the repayment to the bank every month. And then one evening after dinner, sitting on your sofa watching a silly TV drama (one of the few entertainments you can afford), you got a call from a stranger making you an offer that promises to reduce your loan principal.

Football and foolishness of its officials

[2009-11-20 07:49]

The highly publicized government clampdown on illegal football betting has offered a glimmer of hope to the millions of fans, infuriated and saddened by the decline of Chinese football.

Officials can learn from Obama approach

[2009-11-13 08:04]

Scheduled to make a grand appearance in the Chinese mainland's most cosmopolitan city on Monday during his first visit to China, US President Barack Obama is revered by young people here as much for his superstar appeal as the leader of the world's sole superpower.

Heritage in the time of development

[2009-10-20 10:06]

Donald Tsang, Hong Kong's chief executive, has made the preservation of the few remaining historical landmarks, notably the Central Market, a centerpiece of his annual policy speech that set the direction for his administration in 2010.

Culture seen through eyes of a scholar

[2009-08-26 07:41]

With his signature crew cut, thick horn-rimmed glasses and expressive gestures, he stands out among the well-groomed crowd in the lobby lounge of Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel on a Friday afternoon. Relaxing on the overstuffed sofa when we met, Prof Qian Wenzhong exudes the charisma more in tune with that of a celebrity in show business than a scholar of ancient Sanskrit.

A tale of two cities with a pleasant twist

[2009-07-31 07:55]

Having been living away from Hong Kong for so long, I have almost forgotten how easy it is to get things done in that city compared to Shanghai.

Solution to traffic woes is simple

[2009-07-17 07:52]

The traffic carnage on a bridge to Pudong in Shanghai, allegedly caused by the deranged driver of a public bus, was a gory reminder of the kamikaze road manners of the city's motorists.

A city's past comes alive in style

[2009-06-26 07:53]

All those years I spent in Shanghai, I had always wished to stay at the Ruijin Hotel, even if it were only for a few nights. But regrettably, I could never find an excuse to do that.

Shanghai goes international in subtle ways

[2009-06-16 07:51]

In the two years I lived in Shanghai, I never had a proper glass of iced lemon tea. It always came premixed with some kind of sweetened lemon juice that completely overwhelmed the subtle taste of the tea.

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