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Jaywalkers aren't worst road villains

[2006-07-04 06:15]

The Shanghai municipal government appears to be getting serious about clamping down on jaywalking, littering and other anti-social behaviour that is part of the daily life of a large number of local people.

Don't look down on city's 'slums'

[2006-06-27 06:24]

I am living close to what many people would call a slum in Shanghai, and loving it.

Take pride in efficient civil service

[2006-06-20 06:37]

A politically neutral civil service has always been regarded as the bedrock of Hong Kong society. In times of change and uncertainty, Hong Kong people can draw comfort and reassurance from an administrative machinery that will remain unclogged and untainted by political favouritism.

Don't take city contests too seriously

[2006-06-13 06:18]

Every so often, we come across reports from research organizations of many different backgrounds and affiliations in Hong Kong or on the mainland ranking cities in terms of their competitiveness, desirability or how liveable they are.

Stores should take some of the stress out of shopping

[2006-06-06 06:24]

The government has been trying for some years to get Chinese people to spend more of their savings. This is good for a country that is seen to be over-reliant on the external sector for growth.

What's in a name? Quite a lot, actually

[2006-05-30 06:24]

Hi folks, I have a new byline. All I have done was to drop one character from my name. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time and this is as good a time as ever.

Are big-box stores truly a blessing?

[2006-05-26 06:35]

Is Wal-Mart a good thing?

Hong Kong must remain pragmatic

[2006-05-23 05:40]

Hong Kong people have always been noted for their pragmatism. This means they have a keen sense of striking the balance between maximum results and minimum costs.

Haze over Hong Kong not worst of city's woes

[2006-05-16 06:51]

The environment has become the primary concern for Hong Kong.

Business opportunities attract talent

[2006-05-09 06:09]

Reports that expatriates are finding Hong Kong a less attractive place to live in and work have raised much concern among the business community.

HK on right track for development

[2006-04-25 06:33]

The debate over Hong Kong's relevance to future economic development on the mainland has continued to rage since the topic was raised a few weeks ago by a number of top government officials and business leaders.

Hong Kong must focus on private sector

[2006-04-18 06:07]

Many politicians in Hong Kong have seized the opportunity presented by public debate about government expenditure in Hong Kong, especially the growing cost of medical services, to win recognition and support. But they are merely reciting tired old ideas that are neither illuminating nor useful.

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