Opinion / Liang Hongfu

Relax money policy, not price control

[2008-09-16 07:36]

Latest economic data painting a less-than-rosy growth picture have raised the question if this is the time to switch to an expansive monetary policy from a restrictive one.

Rise and fall of property market

[2008-09-12 07:46]

About three years ago in Shanghai, a group of home owners went to court demanding compensation from the developer of their properties after a price fall. They lost the case.

No madness in market's methods

[2008-09-09 07:51]

Despite the violent swings in the lead indicators, the Chinese stock market is anything but a giant casino as many frustrated commentators and despondent investors would love to have you believe largely because they felt embarrassed to have missed all those tell-tale economic signs.

Time to drop the baggage of history

[2008-09-02 07:42]

Having realized the "dream of the century", perhaps it is time to relegate the "century of humiliation" to history where it belongs.

Leave a little corner of old Beijing alone

[2008-08-26 07:33]

If the Beijing city planners are serious about turning Qianmen into an entertainment hotspot that is in the same league as Xintiandi in Shanghai or Soho in Hong Kong, they have to build some decent toilets there, for a start.

The worst isn't over yet for prices

[2008-08-19 08:17]

Oil prices have tumbled from the peak in the past several weeks. So have the prices of a wide range of commodities, including copper, steel and aluminum. What's more, food prices have begun to ease, leading many consumers to ask if the inflation cycle is coming to an end.

Time HK had a minimum wage law

[2008-08-12 08:10]

The Olympics that exemplifies fair play is a perfect backdrop for the Hong Kong government to set in motion the long-overdue process of legislating a minimum wage.

Watch out for the city of the future

[2008-08-05 07:21]

Whenever I told someone that I had just moved from Shanghai to Beijing, he or she would, almost by reflex, ask which city I liked better.

Reinvent or stay out of the race

[2008-07-29 07:29]

Growing fat on a heavy diet of OEM for years, many mainland enterprises appear to have lost the ability to evolve on their own.

Fly with us and take a few shocks

[2008-07-22 07:42]

The world around me is crumbling. Everything I believed in seems to have failed the test of time, leaving me frustrated and angry.

Hard lessons ahead for cool kids

[2008-07-15 07:37]

Watching television during the rainy evenings in the past couple of weeks, I came across some Japanese drama series, two of which I found particularly interesting. One was "the young master chef", an animation, and the other was "women volleyball players".

Let civil service keep its integrity

[2008-07-08 07:28]

Although my contact with Hong Kong government officials has been limited, it is most reassuring and satisfying that I have rarely met one who came across as unpleasantly aloof or bureaucratically rigid. On most occasions, the officers in charge had obviously bent backward in their attempts to solve problems arising from my oversights.

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