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Public good must prevail over market

[2008-07-01 07:56]

With public opinion on its side, the Hong Kong government could have forced the few hundred chicken traders and vendors to accept its offer of compensation as part of a scheme to eliminate a bird flu risk arising from the sale of live chicken.

Time not ripe to leave all to market

[2008-06-24 07:43]

There is usually little new in what the World Bank, or any other foreign analyst, has to say about the Chinese economy.

Playing fair is the name of the game

[2008-06-17 07:44]

The decidedly lackluster performance of the national football team in the World Cup qualifying matches has saddened the heart of many a football fan.

HK builders need to keep history alive

[2008-06-10 08:06]

Michael Kadoorie is one of the few Hong Kong tycoons who have a touch of class.

There isn't enough food to waste

[2008-06-03 07:48]

It is time we stopped wasting food.

PRD needs to reinvent trade models

[2008-05-27 07:39]

Export growth in Guangdong province has slowed down significantly as demand in overseas markets, mainly the US, continues to slide. Latest figures showed that the 15 percent growth in exports from Guangdong in the first four months of this year was considerably lower than the national growth rate of over 21 percent in the same period.

HK's hearts reach out to Sichuan

[2008-05-20 07:28]

As a Hong Kong person living on the mainland, I felt particularly proud that my hometown has mounted what the local media described as a "massive" campaign to raise money and help for the relief of the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan province.

Diet pills in the time of rice shortage

[2008-05-13 08:00]

Hi, boys and girls, it's no longer that cool to talk about dieting and staying thin.

HK worries on negative interest rates

[2008-05-06 07:15]

Beware of negative real interest rates.

Myth the market can do without

[2008-04-29 07:31]

If you have got nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, get onto the Internet and read the stock comments. They can be most entertaining, provided you do not have any money in the stock market at this point in time.

Low-cost airlines can still fly high

[2008-04-22 07:28]

We all have a soft spot for budget airlines. They offer us a choice, which is rare in an industry ruled by intricate sets of inter-government agreements that tend to favor the few dominant players, many of which are government-owned.

No need to tamper with HK currency

[2008-04-15 07:39]

Whenever the Hong Kong dollar peg is seen to be under pressure because of an unusually large movement of the US dollar either way, there is no shortage of economists and commentators calling for the scrapping of the 24-year-old currency arrangement.

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