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Greek wage cuts teach grim lesson

[2010-07-28 08:14]

When the credit crisis rocked the world in 2008, many political leaders and prominent economists in the United States and Europe argued with great fervor and conviction for the need to address the global imbalance, which they considered to be the root cause of the financial calamity that pushed the world into a recession.

TV programs tailored to satisfy youth

[2010-07-22 07:53]

Television on the mainland is made for older folks like me. I watch TV all the time partly, at least, to learn Mandarin. (If you don't already know, I'm a native Cantonese speaker from Hong Kong.) In time, I have come to appreciate some of the locally-produced TV drama series and become a fan of a few outstanding stars, including Wang Baoqiang and Fan Bingbing.

Cultural desert in corporate courtyard

[2010-07-15 07:41]

Shanghai has got everything it may need to qualify as a modern metropolis of international stature, except a cultural milieu.

Double-edged austerity programs

[2010-07-08 08:05]

It struck me as highly unusual for a group of European leaders, many of whom were brought up in the cradle-to-grave welfare systems of their respective countries, to talk so passionately about budget cuts in the G20 conference in Toronto.

Coordinate to counter budgetary fix

[2010-07-02 08:06]

The Greek sovereign debt crisis has apparently set the tone at the G20 meeting in Toronto, Canada.

Sportsmanship deserves respect

[2010-06-24 08:03]

Weep no more, Chinese football fans. Your national team, which broke your heart for failing to make it to South Africa, is actually not much lousier than many that did.

Emulate Asia to stem debt crisis

[2010-06-21 07:06]

It's not clear what lessons Asian economies can learn from the Greek economic debacle that brought doubt to the sustainability of the euro and threatened to drag Europe into a recession.

Policy inconsistency may hit credibility

[2010-06-14 07:21]

Unless you are a Cantonese living in Hong Kong, you'd be wondering what the fuss is all about this "live chickens" debate that has been raging sporadically for several years.

Mandarin proficiency will aid Hong Kong

[2010-06-03 06:38]

As the schools in Hong Kong get ready to bolt their doors for the long summer vacation, perhaps those educators, principals and teachers should spare some of their leisure time reflecting on a seemingly taboo subject - teaching in Mandarin.

Expand that patch of green field

[2010-05-27 07:18]

Whenever I visit Hong Kong, my hometown, I can't help but compare it with Shanghai where I now live.

Big banks too could fall in financial crisis

[2010-05-20 07:45]

As the United States government is trying to put the country's financial house in order, there has been a rising call for the downsizing of banks.

Goldman Sachs case rolls dice on disclosure

[2010-04-24 06:48]

The securities fraud case against Goldman Sachs in the United States involving certain mortgage bonds has once again cast a spotlight on financial derivatives.

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