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Hong Kong shows civic responsibility

[2007-08-14 06:55]

On my first visit to Shanghai several years ago, I found that being a Hong Kong person gave me certain privileges, like getting a table in a busy restaurant, or the undivided attention of the usually indifferent shop attendants.

Hong Kong's economic foundation still strong

[2007-08-07 07:11]

There are reasons for Hong Kong to feel optimistic these days. The stock market is gaining momentum, the government has reported a higher-than-forecast budget surplus, and an international credit rating agency gave Hong Kong its strongest ever vote of confidence.

Paying homage to the lotus

[2007-07-31 07:12]

The lotus flower is special to the Chinese. Thanks to Song Dynasty mandarin scholar, Zhou Dunyi, this particular species of the water lily has been revered by generations of Chinese as a symbol of the perfect gentleman.

In search of the missing newsmen

[2007-07-24 06:57]

It suddenly dawned on me when I came to work this morning that there are many more women reporters than men in our Shanghai newsroom. That, of course, isn't a problem for me. But I keep wondering if this profession, which was dominated by men not too long ago, has somehow lost its attraction to the male members of Chinese societies on the mainland and in Hong Kong.

Listening to the wisdom of investors

[2007-07-17 07:08]

When we cover an emerging stock market as diligent and knowledgeable reporters, well-versed in the basics of economics, we tend to favor rational explanations for the daily movements of share prices.

Congestion charge needs fresh look

[2007-07-10 07:05]

Speaking to reporters after stepping down as transport czar in Hong Kong, Sarah Liao talked generally about her achievements and frustrations as an outsider answering the call of public service.

Cheap housing can narrow HK wealth gap

[2007-07-03 06:17]

The much talked about widening wealth gap in Hong Kong has raised the question that touches on the very heart of the city's economic policy: What role does the government have in wealth distribution?

HK's wealth gap must be narrowed

[2007-06-26 06:55]

Latest Hong Kong government figures have confirmed what we have long suspected - the poor are growing in numbers and are getting poorer.

Stay tuned for Shanghai growth story

[2007-06-19 07:09]

This is the best of times to be a business reporter in Shanghai.

Expanded QDII good news for HK

[2007-06-12 07:08]

One of the most encouraging news items for the Hong Kong financial market in recent months must have been the expanded scope of investment by mainland banks for their clients under the QDII (qualified domestic institutional investors) scheme.

Hooray for plastic bag tax

[2007-06-05 07:26]

The Hong Kong government is finally taking the initiative to dispel the curse of plastic bags with the magic wand of a 50 Hong Kong cent levy on each offensive item.

Welcome, pushy mainlanders

[2007-05-29 07:32]

David Eldon, former chairman of the influential Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, published an article in the chamber newsletter urging the government to further simplify its immigration procedures for foreign employees of local businesses.

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