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Top 10 must-see selfies of 2014

Updated: 2014-12-09 15:00 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Whenever you hear a "click" sound and see people make faces towards the air, chances are that they just contributed another picture into the large selfie flow on the major social networking websites.

Taking selfies has long surpassed its initial identification as a fashionable social trend. It has already made its way into people's daily lives and become one of the most important landmarks of this explosive information era.

Oxford Dictionaries Online added the term to its lexicon last August. Everyone does it, from political tycoons, entertainment celebrities to adventure seekers and even NASA's rover on Mars.

Selfies do not only mirror technological advancement but also reveal mass psychology. Why we tirelessly repeat this self-absorbing act remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: we are all aware of the transience of time and unconsciously or deliberately want to lock the present moment in our memories.

Here we pick ten interesting selfies to share. They are not necessarily records of the grand moments of the year but they could give you a glimpse into others' lives.

Top 10 must-see selfies of 2014

Alexander Remon (in green T-shirt), Danila (in sunglasses) and Eric (in pink and white T-shirt) take a selfie at the top of The Centre Tower, Hong Kong. Captured using a specially adapted selfie stick, the sweat inducing images show the lengths some people will go to for the most extreme self portrait. Pictured at heights over 360 meters in the air, the nerve-wracking photographs show the group of photographers dangling by one hand and even tip-toeing across tiny ledges. Seemingly unfazed by the dazzling heights, the group ventured around the city of Hong Kong in search of any building that caught their eye. [Photo/IC]

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