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25 best restaurants around the world

Updated: 2014-10-24 13:25 (chinadaily.com.cn)

World-of-mouth has always been an amazing resource for finding the latest great places.

It's how you discover that a restaurant in Montreal will give you cigars upon arrival, that a place in Copenhagen will shower you in champagne, or that the best restaurant in Beijing is actually hidden inside a restored Temple.

So when TripAdvisor wanted to compile a list of the best restaurants from around the world for 2014, they did so based purely on the ratings and reviews from millions of real travelers.

From Chicago to San Sebastian, these are the best restaurants in the world right now along with original TripAdvisor user reviews.

#25 Costes, Budapest, Hungary

25 best restaurants around the world

"There is no surprise that this place has earned a Michelin Star. It is very much deserved. The food was absolutely amazing. Honestly, words can't do it justice. The flavors, textures, and cooking methods used were phenomenal. The "treat" at the beginning of the meal was fantastic and the tomato macaroni was a highlight for me. And then there was the service. All of the staff were attentive and helpful. They clearly knew what they were doing." - TripAdvisor reviewer Amanda H [Photo/TripAdvisor]

25 best restaurants around the world

25 best restaurants around the world

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