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Urbanization should be human-centered

[2013-12-14 20:16]

China aims to improve quality of human-centered urbanization and the primary task of urbanization is to enable migrant workers to have urbanite status in an orderly manner, according to a statement released on Saturday after a central urbanization work conference.

China to expand OTC market

[2013-12-14 18:29]

China has decided to expand its over-the-counter (OTC) market to all qualified small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), according to an official statement released on Saturday.

Six major economic tasks set for next year

[2013-12-14 17:31]

Officials said the country would expand its reforms into different sectors. Especially, focus should be placed on keeping reasonable credit growth and social financing next year.

New Sanlu seeks to shake off image

[2013-12-14 00:53]

Sanlu, the dairy brand that nearly disappeared from the public eye after its tainted milk killed at least six infants in 2008, has made its way back into the market.

Local govt debts get high-level attention

[2013-12-14 00:32]

China has identified "containing local government debt risk" as a major task for next year's economic policy, underscoring Beijing's growing concern.

Slashing capacity 'prime task' for 2014

[2013-12-14 00:28]

Tackling excess capacity will be one of the top tasks on China's economic agenda in 2014, as the issue becomes a major challenge to maintaining the pace and quality of economic growth.

Rising consumption, safety fears lead to imports

[2013-12-13 21:59]

China's share of global trade is likely to take the top spot from the United States even as the economy's growth rate has begun to fade.

Rare earth export quota released for 2014

[2013-12-13 21:44]

The export quota of 15,110 metric tons of rare earths, which was slightly lower than a year ago, includes 13,314 tons for light rare earths and 1,796 tons for medium-heavy rare earths.

China vows to contain govt debt risks

[2013-12-13 20:43]

China will take containing and dissolving risks from local governments' debt as an important task for economic policymaking in 2014, says a statement issued Friday after the Central Economic Work Conference.

China to maintain consistent economic policies

[2013-12-13 20:43]

China will continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy in 2014, according to a statement issued Friday after the closure of a four-day central economic work conference.

China vows to boost opening-up

[2013-12-13 20:41]

China will continue to boost opening-up in 2014, according to a statement issued after the annual central economic work conference which ended on Friday.

China vows to tackle overcapacity

[2013-12-13 20:41]

China vowed "unswerving efforts" to tackle overcapacity and pursue innovation-driven growth, said a statement issued Friday after the four-day Central Economic Work Conference closed.

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