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Chinese leadership expected to deepen reforms to spur growth

[2013-11-07 17:15]

The upcoming policy meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is expected to unveil a package of measures to deepen reforms to achieve sustainable economic development, said experts.

EU lowers estimates on China's growth

[2013-11-07 05:23]

China is expected to grow at 7.5 percent in 2013, and slow down to 7.4 percent in 2014 and 2015, the European Commission said in a report on Tuesday.

Huawei has eye on 5G

[2013-11-07 00:33]

Chinese Huawei Co Ltd announced that it will invest at least $600M in research and development of fifth-generation mobile technology by 2018.

Li: China will move to modernize farms

[2013-11-07 00:31]

Premier Li Keqiang said China will make a new effort in agricultural modernization by promoting large-scale planting and better services to the farmers.

World to see boom in big firms

[2013-11-07 00:12]

About 7,000 companies globally are expected to become large enterprises, with 70% of them to be based in emerging regions, especially China.

ZhongAn launches new products

[2013-11-07 00:07]

China's first online insurance firm is coming out with products targeting e-commerce shoppers in a month, a company executive said on Wednesday.

Shanghai a haven for investment

[2013-11-06 23:50]

Most foreigners in Shanghai see investment opportunity as the city's main attraction, followed by a wealth of job opportunities and a cosmopolitan culture, according to a survey of taxi passengers.

Shenzhen offers $6.6 m funding for young entrepreneurs

[2013-11-06 22:02]

The Shenzhen government offered 40 million yuan ($6.6 million) on Wednesday in seed funds for 122 young entrepreneurs, who studied overseas, to start a business in the coastal city.

New Beijing airport will have budget airline terminal

[2013-11-06 21:39]

The civil aviation authority plans to build a terminal specifically for budget airlines at the new airport in Beijing.

China's reform to benefit world

[2013-11-06 21:24]

The meeting is expected to revitalize the global economic downturn and provide inspiration for the world's economic and social development.

China imposes strict anti-cholera inspections

[2013-11-06 21:23]

In a move to prevent the spread of cholera, China's quality watchdog said on Wednesday that local authorities must implement medical inspections and disinfection routines on persons and vehicles from countries with cholera.

Brazil welcomes China's oil investments

[2013-11-06 08:20]

China is beginning to take a larger stake in Brazil's oil industry, a move that the South American nation welcomes, said Brazilian Ambassador to China Valdemar Carneiro Leao.

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