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Yunnan promises to raise incomes in poor areas

[2014-01-28 09:46]

Yunnan province, one of the least well-off areas of China, will lift 1 million people out of poverty, above an annual income threshold of less than 380 in 2014, its governor said during the province's two sessions that concluded recently.

GDP takes back seat to cutting overcapacity

[2014-01-28 09:26]

Officials in Hebei province will be dismissed immediately if the capacity of heavy industries has risen, even by only a ton.

Legions of festival shoppers springing for presents online

[2014-01-28 07:54]

Still busy selecting wine and snacks from the supermarket to prepare for Spring Festival? Then, you are clinging to traditional shopping habits.

Shaky trust product promises repayment

[2014-01-28 02:59]

A struggling trust product that owed investors $545 million promised repayment, avoiding a situation that analysts said could have triggered a chain of defaults across the nation's trust and banking industry.

Annual net profit surges for film production company

[2014-01-27 19:55]

Huayi Brothers Media Group announced on Monday that its annual net profit last year is expected to reach between 635.5 million yuan and 684.4 million yuan, an increase of at least 160 percent from the previous year.

China to build high-speed rail for Olympics bid

[2014-01-27 19:25]

An express railway linking Beijing and the northern city of Zhangjiakou is expected to begin construction in 2014 and be completed in 2017, a local official said Monday.

DFM experiences rapid development

[2014-01-27 18:31]

Donefeng Motor saw a 15 percent increase in car sales in 2013, and the company has set its sales target at 3.8 million vehicles for 2014.

Chinese jewelry brand debuts in London

[2014-01-27 16:17]

Chinese jewelry brand, Bao Bao Wan fine jewelry, made its debut at British store Harrods on Monday.

China's banks must evolve or perish

[2014-01-27 02:08]

As China's traditional banks raise interest rates to claw back lost deposits, they must find new profit sources as Internet finance is booming.

Reforms to fuel Shanghai's growth in 2014

[2014-01-27 00:25]

Reforms in the landmark Free Trade Zone, including changes to capital accounts and interest rates, will add new sources of growth to Shanghai in 2014.

China urges US to end anti-dumping probe

[2014-01-26 18:34]

China's Ministry of Commerce urged the United States Sunday to stop anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on Chinese solar products.

Chinese investors look to overseas opportunities

[2014-01-25 17:04]

China, the world's top manufacturer and investment destination, is becoming an important global investor as more Chinese companies look for investment opportunities abroad.

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