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China rejects US GM corn byproduct

[2013-12-27 21:18]

China has rejected about two cargoes of dried distillers grains from the United States after detecting an unapproved genetically modified ingredient in the corn byproduct.

China may miss 2013 foreign trade growth target

[2013-12-27 20:47]

China's foreign trade is likely to grow by more than 7 percent from the previous year to reach $4.14 trillion in 2013, slightly lower than the official target of 8 percent.

Suning to expand in third and fourth tier cities

[2013-12-27 20:44]

Suning Commerce Group Co, China's leading retailer of electronics, will continue to open more shops in third and fourth tier markets while upgrading its existing stores in first and second tier cities, said Sun Weimin, deputy chairman of Suning.

Recalls announced for some Buicks, Chevrolets

[2013-12-27 18:40]

Shanghai General Motors Co is recalling more than 1.2 million Buick Excelle vehicles and more than 240,000 Chevrolet Sails due to fuel system defects.

China outlines measures to protect small investors

[2013-12-27 16:53]

China's cabinet on Friday outlined a slew of measures which may better protect the interests of small and medium investors in the capital market.

US is the largest trade partner of Sichuan

[2013-12-26 20:01]

The United States surpassed ASEAN countries to become the largest trade partner of southwest China's Sichuan province, according to statistics released by local customs on Thursday.

China allows private capital in telecom

[2013-12-26 18:54]

China's Industry and Information Technology Ministry (MIIT) on Friday granted licenses to 11 private enterprises to pilot resale of certain mobile services.

GDP growth to hit 7.6% this year

[2013-12-26 01:18]

China's GDP growth will be 7.6% this year, enabling it to maintain momentum into 2014, the head of the country's top economic planning authority said.

China world's largest country for gold trading

[2013-12-25 21:30]

China is already the world's largest country for gold trade, an executive at the Shanghai Gold Exchange said on Wednesday.

Beijing growth target lowered to 7.5%

[2013-12-25 20:45]

Beijing's economic growth target for 2014 will be slowed to 7.5 percent from the 8 percent expansion goal in 2013, said Guo Jinlong, Party chief of the municipality, reported by People's Day on Wednesday.

McDonald's opens first mainland campus canteen

[2013-12-25 20:44]

McDonalds opened its first campus canteen on the Chinese mainland in the city of Wuhan on Tuesday, the first move to exploit the Chinese university market.

China to reexamine duties on US chicken imports

[2013-12-25 20:05]

China's Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday decided to reinvestigate its anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on US white-feathered broiler products in response to a WTO report that found China had violated certain rules.

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