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LCD panel maker buys share of Bank of Chongqing

[2013-10-30 22:04]

Chinese liquid crystal display maker BOE Technology Group announced on Tuesday the purchase of shares worth nearly $20 million of Bank of Chongqing, in a bid to strengthen cooperation with Chongqing government and local financial institutions.

Zhang Wencai appointed vice-president of ADB

[2013-10-30 21:50]

The Asian Development Bank has appointed Zhang Wencai as vice-president, according to a press release from the bank on Wednesday.

Events to contribute 500m yuan to Guilin

[2013-10-30 21:39]

The meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions industry will bring more 500 million yuan ($82.5 million) in yearly income to the city of Guilin by 2015, the local government said on Wednesday.

Moderate growth rate not cause for concern

[2013-10-30 21:38]

China's goal of 7.5 percent GDP growth this year, though moderate in comparison with previous rates, is not cause for concern since it could still generate considerable volume wealth, said a senior researcher with a top government think tank on Wednesday.

Ministry calls for EU to follow WTO ruling

[2013-10-30 21:28]

The Ministry of Commerce called for full compliance regarding a WTO ruling against the European Union's anti-dumping measures on Chinese fastening pieces on Wednesday.

ZTE invested $1.4b in R&D this year

[2013-10-30 21:16]

Chinese telecom equipment and smartphone maker ZTE Corp said on Wednesday that it had invested $1.4 billion in research and development this year.

BYD net profit surges 2,127% in first 9 months

[2013-10-30 20:18]

Chinese battery and car maker BYD Co reported a net profit surge of more than 21 times in the first three quarters of the year, as its main business in vehicles and solar energy rebounded from a sharp dive in the past two years.

China ship 347 million smartphones by Sept

[2013-10-30 19:02]

Chinese smartphone manufacturers shipped 347 million handsets in the first nine months of this year, accounting for three quarters of the domestic market, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Baidu reports strong growth in third quarter

[2013-10-30 17:43]

China's Internet search giant Baidu Inc reported strong growth in the third quarter of the year. But its mobile business, despite rapid growth, still lags behind computers in terms of monetization.

Australia upholds ban on Huawei contract bid

[2013-10-30 07:33]

Australia has maintained a ban issued by the previous Labor government to bar China's Huawei telecom company from bidding for the country's high-speed national Internet program.

Experts detail risks to growth

[2013-10-30 00:01]

China's economic growth will exceed 7 percent in 2014, and expansion will be stable at about that level through 2020., a senior economist said on Tuesday.

Report: Business gets easier in China

[2013-10-29 23:53]

China has made steady progress in improving business regulations for local entrepreneurs in East Asia and the Pacific since 2005, a report released by World Bank Group said on Tuesday.

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